1. What is “The Next Level” membership?

The Next Level is a membership status that grants members special access to an ever-increasing library of content. It provides members with a distillation of all of the experience and knowledge that Dr. Dena Westerfield has accumulated over years of body building and through becoming a chiropractic physician.

2. How much does the membership cost?

The membership cost is minimal – only $9 a month, or $80 for an entire year.

3. Is my credit card information secure?

This site uses a secure portal, [name], that has been certified as a secure online credit card processing agent. In fact, [blah and blah trusted websites] also use this service.

4. Will I get sales calls or spam after I sign up?

Your identity and email address will remain confidential and will never be given or sold to any other group or individual. Dr. Dena doesn’t make sales calls.

You may, however, wish to receive email updates when Dena adds new content to the site, but that is entirely your choice.

5. Once I sign up, I have to be a member forever, right?

Absolutely not. Our cancellation policy is as simple as [what is it]

6. What benefits are there for being a member?

For only $9 a month, “Next Level” members receive exclusive access to:

  • All current and future biomechanics videos
  • Workout videos for every level of fitness
  • Posture training videos that help you get the most out of your workouts and increase flexibility and strength with everyday activities
  • Motivational videos to help you persist when things get rough
  • Basic diet plans that work.
  • Blog access
  • Exclusive photos.
  • AND MORE….

Dr. Dena has made a commitment to ensuring that her members receive a great value for their membership.