Why I started the Next Level – For you, for me, for everyone.

It took 10 years of training and 13 years of education before I realized that I could be maximizing my workouts by holding my body positioning in proper posture. Well, I first had to start paying attention to my everyday posture and positioning. (Watch the posture series). I started standing, sitting, walking and even sleeping in better posture and this alone was helping me develop a stronger core. It is important to start paying attention to your daily posture… The muscles you will be stimulating are the muscles that are responsible for holding you in proper posture while executing exercises, walking/running and even breathing. I have examined every exercise and can visualize the proper body positioning needed to specifically hit individual muscle bellies. I started coming up with different positions to get into that required and allowed my entire body to be stimulated in one way or another. I developed a great respect for body momentum and balance, muscle control and breathing. I was not pushing heavier weights!!! I actually dropped down in what I was lifting because I was truly hitting specific individual muscle bellies. I was even training to avoid injury using proper posture and mechanics. My revelation was taking me to the Next Level with speed, agility, flexibility, ripped striated muscle… as I aged!!! Hence the name… Next Level.


The next level provides a step-by-step walk through available nowhere else of each muscle within a muscle group, the exercises within that group targeted each muscle, the biomechanics and posture to achieve the right results without injury, and an entire workout around that muscle group which targets each muscle. Check it out there: The Next Level.

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