What is Posture Training?

Without posture training, you and millions of other people are not sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, or even training properly due to poor posture.  This can lead to pain, fatigue and an inability to achieve your fitness goals.

As a Chiropractic physician, Dr. Dena Westerfield has achieved an expert level of understanding about how poor posture can inhibit nerve function, causing accelerated degeneration of organ and muscle function and reducing the body’s ability to maintain fitness.

Dr Dena’s award-winning experience in exercise and bodybuilding has shown her how important core strength, power, the mind and body connection and technique are to achieving great results. Proper posture is an often missing piece of the puzzle yet it is an essential part to all of the above.

Coupled with the key element of proper breathing, improving posture means increasing the space where our organs exist which can improve overall organ function.. It is much more than simply standing up straight.

Now, Dr. Dena is working everyday with people and professional athletes in the techniques of proper posture with rave results.  Every single person can benefit from this training to increase organ function, better longevity and gain energy to make it through the day.

What happens during a Posture Training Session?

Improving posture begins with strengthening your core and diaphragm so as to aid bio-mechanical and physiological efficiency. Dr Dena will educate you on what proper posture is and is not, how to stand, sit drive, lift and on down the list. After your first session, you will begin to see and feel an immediate improvement in your energy level – just from performing these everyday activities correctly.

What kind of results will I see?

Holding proper posture and developing good habits will result in burning calories even as you stand. Your love handles dissolve, your tummy gets tighter and chest gets more chiseled. The results are not just on the inside – proper posture is the beginning of getting in the best shape of your life.

Is Posture Training right for me?

Dr Dena has delivered posture training programs to a wide range of people who have all sought to achieve a healthier body. From bodybuilders in their 20′s to corporate executives, every person that participates in her program gets results and improvement. For the bodybuilder, this program is about getting to the next level. For the corporate executive, posture training is about entering 50+ years of age in the best possible shape.

Dr Dena will provide you with a free consultation to demonstrate what posture training can do for you. Visit the contact page or simply give her a call.