Total Vibration Therapy

How would you like to receive the benefits of a 1 hour workout in just 10 minutes?

Total Vibration Therapy does just that.

Through both horizontal and linear motion, the Total Vibration Therapy machine fires the muscles 5 to 45 times per second. While the linear motion makes muscles stronger, the horizontal motion burns calories, tones muscles and stretches the spine, hips knees and ankles; improving blood circulation and ultimately relieving pain.

Benefits of using the Vibe Trainer Pro

You can experience many of the same benefits from an hour of exercise that you can from using the Vibe Trainer Pro for just 10 minutes:

  • Raise serotonin levels and feel great mentally

  • Increase testosterone be more powerful.

  • Increase human growth hormone, feel younger and lose weight.

  • Decrease cortisol levels and lose body fat.

Total Vibration Therapy can help address serious body problems.

Users of the Vibe Trainer Pro also report that regular sessions can help with a host of serious issues. Vibration Therapy can:

  • Assist lymphatic drainage to help purify the body

  • Build bone density to assist with osteoporosis

  • Decrease cellulite resulting in smoother skin

  • Increase collagen to develop tighter skin

  • Improve circulation to help diabetic neuropathy

  • Relieve fibromyalgia pain

  • Improve balance and gait

  • Improve neurological disorders such as MS and Parkinson’s

  • Reverse incontinence

  • Relieve pain in the back, hips, knees or ankles

  • Relieve arthritis pain

Dr. Dena Westerfield’s personal testimony

“As a health, fitness and bodybuilding professional, I have used The Vibe Trainer Pro and it has helped my patients with all types of lower back pain and joint pain. It has greatly improved hip strength and overall muscle tone for my patients who are over 50 years old. My patients have had firsthand experience with the benefits of the Vibe Trainer including improved bladder control, reduced lower leg swelling, hand and foot pain, reduced abdominal bloating, and increased energy levels.

“From an athlete’s perspective, the Vibe Trainer Pro has helped my physique become leaner and has accentuated my definition – giving me an everyday show-ready appearance. It has also tightened the skin on my face and neck and even got rid of unwanted arm and chest fat. A friend of mine lost six pounds and two inches off her hips in just two weeks! I tell my patients, “Get Pro Vibing today!”

Dr. Westerfield is ready to help you get Pro Vibing!

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