Meet Jojo, Dr Dena helped her with a custom posing routine and posture training.

Two weeks before the show, she increased my cardio to an hour. The main thing she wanted me to focus on during my cardio was “nipples up”or chest up and breaths with each step. I found myself at Logan walking briskly through the halls, of Logan Chiropratic College, with my chest up and counting breaths as I walked. Her constantly telling me to get my chest up,nipples up and ribs out, has increase my posture abundantly. It amazes me and makes me happy knowing how much information I gained from Dr. Dena Westerfield, my trainer, and a doctor of my future profession! I am motivated even more to continue with my fitness goals and motivated to share what I have learned about biomechanics with other individuals who also dream of competing in a body building or body figure show. I also learned that “keep it simple stupid plan” can work! If you know your biomechanics and a little self-discipline, you don’t have to work as hard or spend as much time to accomplish your fitness goal. I never would have known all of this had I trained with a Medical Doctor. That’s why I trained with the best Dr. Dena Westerfield, my CHIROPRACTOR!!