Custom Orthotics

Feet are often the starting point for pain. Your feet do not have to hurt for them to be causing pain and imbalances somewhere else in your body.

Your postural condition is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Over-the-counter shoes inserts supports only 1 of 3 arches in each foot, and will shift problems to another part of your body. We will individually design you 3 arch stabilizing orthotic supports  based on a digital foot scan.  These Stabilizing Orthotics will help to stabilize, balance and maintain the body’s foundation.

Custom Made Shoe Inserts can be used successfully to eliminate ankle, knee and hip pain. Come see Dr Dena for a complimentary foot scan.

To learn more about Custom Orthotics please watch the video below:

If you experience pain and discomfort, custom orthotics may be right for you.  Contact Dr. Dena Westerfield today to arrange a visit to discuss your custom orthotics needs.