A letter from a member of the Next Level

A member sent me this letter via email. It meant the world to me to know they had watched the videos in sequence and learned so much: "It’s awesome! Lot’s of info, very user friendly, best doc around. I can’t wait for the Abs section. I’ve been using your posture techniques ever since you showed me and I’ve never felt better. It’s great to know you have accomplished what you aspired to do, you are a remarkable woman. I learned where the … [Read more...]

A patient testimonial – via text

This is an actual text message I received from a patient. This is why I love what I do! "Thank you for constantly and consistently improving the quality of life for me at many levels.  Whether it be through you physically healing me or through educating me about the human body, what I can do improve upon, correcting what I need to be healthier, or being that fun, funny, passionate, bouncing ball of energy… you bring out the best in me and make … [Read more...]

What does it mean to “take it to the Next Level”?

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Why I started the Next Level – For you, for me, for everyone.

It took 10 years of training and 13 years of education before I realized that I could be maximizing my workouts by holding my body positioning in proper posture. Well, I first had to start paying attention to my everyday posture and positioning. (Watch the posture series). I started standing, sitting, walking and even sleeping in better posture and this alone was helping me develop a stronger core. It is important to start paying attention to … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 – Motivation! (Next Level Members Only)

Exclusive new photos for members of the Next Level. Motivation for you boys and girls out there! As long as you are signed in, simply click "more" and you can see the rest. … [Read more...]

Training With Dr. Westerfield

Dr. Westerfield meets you where you at. If your primary concern is joint pain, she will start there. if your primary purpose is to go the next step in your physical training, be that strength, agility, or endurance, she will start there. Dr. Westerfield offers a variety of packages, including personal training, chiropractic, and posture work that is tailored to your individual needs and priorities. Dr. Westerfield can help you achieve your … [Read more...]

New Posture Video Series

Discover how to correct your posture and what the amazing benefits it has on your daily health. … [Read more...]